Is your Christmas Tree up yet? You might want to watch this.

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Production Christmas Tree

So this week saw our Christmas tree make an appearance in production, filling the place with festive cheer. The smiles on peoples faces are getting bigger and the Christmas radio channel has been tuned in. It’s definitely OK to start talking about Christmas!

Underneath all that flammable tinsel is a huge lump of dried kindling. To top it off? wrap some electrical lights around it and you’ve got yourself a mighty fine looking Christmas tree. With all of the excitement in the air, and the sheer beauty of  things, it is easy to forget that Christmas trees can be very dangerous. Don’t believe us, watch this.

If you have an artificial tree don’t think you are exempt. Although most are treated to be fire resistant, over time, the treatment can wear off. But fear not, there is some very easy steps, which will make your Christmas tree a lot safer.

Switch to LED lights.

Christmas tree lightsLED Christmas lights are the most popular type of light these days. They don’t generate as much heat, use less electricity and look just as good as the more traditional filament type bulbs. Because they don’t generate as much heat it makes them less likely to start a Christmas tree inferno. If you do have a set of traditional lights make sure they aren’t left on for extended periods of time and certainly think about replacing them.



Water your tree regularly (ONLY IF ITS REAL).

Watering your tree will not only make it last longer, it will also make it less flammable. When you first get your tree, before you take it into your home, cut 2 inches off the trunk. This allows the tree to take water in through its trunk and move it around its branches. Just like cut flowers in a vase. Although it wont stop the tree catching fire completely, it will slow the fire down, giving you more time to react. To water your tree buy a stand that will hold water and keep topping it up. If your stand does not hold water place the stand inside a container that will hold water and keep it topped up.

Watch the video below to see the difference between a dry and watered tree.

Install a smoke alarm.

Merry Christmas TreeMake sure a smoke alarm is present in the same room as your Christmas tree, ideally as close as possible. This way if disaster is to strike you can react as soon as possible. If you already have a smoke alarm, make sure the batteries are working. It is recommended that you change the battery in smoke alarms every year, so if your smoke alarm is still being powered by its original battery it might be worth getting a fresh one, ready for the holidays.




We wish you all a safe and fun Christmas.

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