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National Battery Day

In our eyes its one of the best days of the year, its National Battery Day! We would go as far to say that the battery is probably the most underestimated inventions of all time. The common battery has lived its entire life, quite literally, hidden away inside some of the most earth trembling inventions.

Could you image the world without Mobile Phones? Laptops? Tablets? Digital Cameras?  just to name a few. We would literally never be able to be more than a few feet away from a plug socket, connected by a wire, if we wanted to look at the latest Snapchats or Facebook posts. So here at Budget Batteries we think its only fair that the things powering all of your favorite tech get some love! (go on whisper “thank you” to the battery inside your phone or laptop)

To show our love for the battery, we have put together a little infographic on the history of them. From Voltas’ Voltic Pile to Teslas’ recent rocket launch. Have a read and get to know about the things powering our mobile lives.

Recycle Your Batteries

Unfortunately, because batteries are incredibly selfless and just power things with no fuss, we often don’t pay too much attention to them. When we’re finished with them they often just get replaced and either left in the kitchen drawer, or even worse thrown in the bin! Batteries do however contain a lot of harmful metals that could be recycled and used again. Incredibly 96% of batteries pay a visit to the bin on their way to ending up in a landfill somewhere. Thats 15 Billion batteries around the world!

What happens when they’re in landfill? (we hear you ask) They corrode and release all of the chemicals and heavy metals stored inside of them. These then leak into the ground and effect the environment.

That is why this National Battery Day we ask you to Recycle any old batteries you have lying around! Go above and beyond and get into the habit of recycling them every time!

Overtshoot Day

Switch to Rechargeable

Switching to rechargeable batteries is by far, the most eco-effective way to get the most out of your batteries. We have a comparison of Alkaline Vs Rechargeable batteries if you are interested. Most modern day rechargeable batteries have a life cycle of 1000 charges. That means buying one pack of 4 rechargeable batteries is the equivalent of buying 4000 single cell batteries. Not only is that going to save you an incredible amount of money, it’s also a lot more friendly on the environment! For great savings and a good Rechargeable battery starting point, take a look at our Rechargeable Battery Bundle.

Have a great National Battery Day! Remember to love your batteries!

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