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GPDesign Beam Torches Recommended by Outdoor Enthusiast Magazine.

This months issue of Outdoor Enthusiast Magazine featured an article on outdoor lighting where they recommend the GPDesign Beam range.Gp Beam Blog ArticleIn the article they say:

“The GP Batteries’ Beam collection has been created for easy handling and offer simple one-handed operation. The range features a lumen range of 100 to 1000, so there’s one to fit every need, and high quality CREE LED’s. The collection was recently awarded the prestigious¬† Red Dot Award in the Product Design 2017 category. Other features of the torches include IPX-4 water resistance, and reverse polarity protection. The two rechargeable torches in the range: PR52 & PR57 can be paired with the GP range of portable power banks to offer charging on the go.”

Outdoor Enthusiast Magazine is a leading UK magazine, covering Multi-outdoor activities with a goal of getting more people outdoors. You can read the current issue for free online.

The Range has also been featured in other publications such as, Combat & Survival, Caravan Magazine and Camping Magazine.

If you want to know more detailed spec of each torch, take a look at our Introducing GP Beam Blog.

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