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Saft 2lsh20 Alternative Battery

Is there better way to spend an evening than sat in front of the TV with the fire on?  You’re set for the night! your favourite show is on; you’ve just opened that box of chocolates you promised yourself you wouldn’t touch until Christmas (it’s OK we’ve already broke that promise too) It’s a little bit chilly so you reach to turn the fire on, ready for absolute bliss… nothing! That fantastic battery, which has served you so well just hasn’t quite got enough life left to spark up your fire up one more time.

With Google on your side, you search for Saft 2LSH20… but your night just got a lot worse! (Unless you’re luckier than a Leprechaun) The chances of finding a new Saft 2LSH20 are very slim… but we’re here to save the day!

We have 2 alternative gas fire batteries that will get you back to those perfect winter evenings in front of the fire!

Alternatives comparison

Product ImageProduct CodeVoltageCapacityChemistryPrice (inc. VAT)
Saft 2LSH20 Lithium Gas Fire Ignition Battery Pack2LSH207.2V13000mAhLithium Thionyl Chloride£ 48.00
Cell Pack Solutions Soft Shell 2LSH20 Lithium Gas Fire Ignition Battery Pack2LSH20SOFT7.2V13000mAhLithium Thionyl Chloride£ 48.00
Cell Pack Solutions Gas Fire Ignition Battery Pack Aa BatteriesALKALINEFIREPACK9.0V2700mAhAlkaline£ 14.40


Cell Pack Solutions Soft Shell 2LSH20 Lithium Gas Fire Ignition Battery Pack
CPS 2LSH20 Soft Shell Gas Fire Battery

The 2LSH20SOFT is the closest replacement to the Saft 2LSH20. It is made by our battery pack specialists and official Saft partners, Cell Pack Solutions (our parent company).

Unlike some other Gas Fire batteries, they use the exact same cells that you would find in the original 2LSH20. This means you can expect the same high quality and reliability from them. The only difference between the 2 packs is the 2LSH20SOFT doesn’t have the hard plastic casing, instead it is wrapped in a protective shrink sleeve.

The 2LSH20SOFT has an operating temperature range of – 60°C/+ 85°C so will be absolutely safe if correctly fitted in any Gas Fire (that requires a 2LSH20).


Cell Pack Solutions Gas Fire Ignition Battery Pack AA Batteries Alternative
CPS Alkaline Gas fire battery without shrink sleeve

The Alkaline Fire Pack is an Alkaline alternative to the Lithium Thionyl Chloride Saft 2LSH20. It uses 6 alkaline AA batteries that can be replaced when needed with new AA cells (we recommend the GP15A). The pack comes with 6 alkaline cells fitted and finished with a  shrink sleeve wrap. When they run out you can carefully remove the wrap and swap the batteries, just as you would when changing the batteries in your TV remote. We recommend that when you replace the batteries you wrap the pack with PVC tape.

The ALKALINEFIREPACK has a higher Voltage than both the 2LSH20’s. This shouldn’t be a concern as the fires that use the 2LSH20 can handle higher voltages than the standard 7.2V Lithium Thionyl Chloride cells.

The one area that the ALKALINEFIREPACK does come up very short is its Capacity (compared to the other 2). Being Alkaline the pack only has a capacity of 2700mAh, compared to the 13000mAh of the Lithium versions. What does this mean? It means, in short, that it wont last anywhere near as long as its Lithium big brothers. However when it is finished, you can replace the batteries and reuse it again and again.

Which to choose?

Well its a personal choice really! Do you want to buy a battery, put it in your fire and forget about it for a long time? If so we would recommend the 2LSH20SOFT. If you want a much cheaper up front cost and don’t mind replacing the batteries regularly, then the ALKALINEFIREPACK is the gas fire battery alternative for you.

Either way, both packs will get you back to enjoying those cosy warm winter nights

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