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Have you ever been a victim of batteries not included at Christmas?Christmas Facebook Banner

With Christmas fast approaching, things can get hectic and the little things can easily be forgotten about. Have you ever experienced a Christmas when batteries haven’t been included? or the TV remote suddenly has no life moments before the queens speech? If so we have the perfect solution- one of our Christmas Battery Bundles.

We have put together battery bundles to get you through the holidays at incredible Budget Prices. We have created the following:

  • Essential Christmas Bundle“- Get 36 x GP AAA’s and 36 x GP AA’s for £10.20 (inc. VAT) This bundle is ideal if you have a lot of battery operated decorations, TV remotes, console controllers, Battery powered board games and of course TOYS!!
  • Variety Christmas Bundle” – Get 24 x GP AAA’s ; 24 x GP AA’s; 4 x GP C batteries, 4 x D batteries and 4 x PP3 batteries. All for £16.00 (inc. VAT). This Bundle will cover the same as the Essential Bundle, but also Larger children’s toys that take C or D batteries. You also get some 9V PP3 which will make sure those smoke alarms are ready for any burnt turkeys.
  • Rechargeable Christmas Bundle“- Get a GP Powebank battery charger, 8 x AAA RecYko Pro batteries and 8 AA Recyko Pro Batteries for £17.00. Don’t just feel good about giving the greatest gifts this festive season, Feel good about making the switch to rechargeables and making the planet a little bit happier. Not to mention they wont just last this Christmas, they’ll keep you going for a good number of Christmas days.

So thats the batteries sorted this Christmas. Now all you have to worry about is the Turkey, Decorations, Outfits, Presents, Parties and some Festive good deeds.

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