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Ansmann KFZ-Power Check Battery Tester

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Product Description

The Ansmann KFZ Power Check is a battery monitoring and testing device for 12V Lead Acid batteries especially designed for vehicle batteries.

However, this is not just a simple battery tester, this device has the following features:

  1. Testing of the vehicle alternator, checking the charge current from the alternator into the battery
  2. Test of the current state of battery charge using 25% step LED’s
  3. Battery Power Test, which will indicate whether the battery is faulty and should be replaced
  4. Charge monitoring for control of battery charge when charging from an external battery charger

The KFZ Power Check can be used together with a conventional non-automatic charger to ensure the battery will not get overcharged which may result in damage to the battery.

The KFZ Power Check has a small lightweight design with crocodile clip terminations to make easy connection with the battery. It has a simple LED display clearly labelled for easy use and comes supplied with a full instructions manual which explains each of the various available tests.

Make sure you keep hold of the backing card from the blister packs as it shows two figures which are referenced in the instruction manual.

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