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Product Description

Charge and use again
Long term use of disposable batteries is a huge burden – both for your purse and for the environment. With lithium ion batteries in particular, the consumer must dig deep into their pockets. So, why not switch to rechargeable batteries that are available in all sizes. To ensure that the investment in rechargeable batteries is worth it in the long run, it is important to use a charger that can charge the rechargeable batteries optimally and thus significantly lengthen their service life.

For all current sizes of rechargeable battery
Numerous different sizes of rechargeable batteries are available, particularly in the lithium ion segment. With the Lithium 2 charger from ANSMANN you have chosen a universal all-rounder with the best price-performance ratio. With the two charge slots, you can charge 1-2 Li-Ion rechargeable batteries in sizes 26650, 22650, 18650, 18500, 17670, 16340, 14500 etc. or 1-2 NiMH AA / AAA rechargeable batteries, independently from one another. The device detects the battery inserted fully automatically and without tedious adjustments. The charge process starts immediately, once the cells have been inserted with the correct polarity.

Longer fun with the rechargeable battery
To ensure that your rechargeable battery is still able to provide its optimal power even after many charge cycles, it is important that it is always charged carefully and safely. The Lithium 2 charger from ANSMANN has a high-quality, microcontroller-controlled charging system that utilises several methods to protect the rechargeable battery from rapid wear. These include the automatic shutdown of the charge process as soon as the cell is fully charged as well as protective maintenance charging for NiMH batteries after the actual charge process, amongst others. Lithium cells in particular must be treated with particular care due to their high energy density. The special electronics in the Lithium 2 charger from ANSMANN guarantee the highest levels of safety.

Smart extras
A colour-coded LED display is integrated above each slot to enable quick and simple reading of the charge status for your rechargeable batteries. This also indicates faulty, defective batteries as well as errors when inserting the batteries into the device. The Lithium 2 charger from ANSMANN can be operated with any conventional 5V 1A USB adapter. For optimum charging, ANSMANN recommends the 2.4A USB high-speed charger with Smart IC, enabling the charge time for the cells to be almost cut in half.

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