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We have been asked on numerous occasions to make an alkaline version of the very popular gas fire ignition battery pack (2LSH20) using everyday AA alkaline batteries. This Cell Pack Solutions Alkaline Fire Pack uses 6 x AA batteries (included) which are replaceable. When you need to replace the batteries in the pack, carefully cut off the shrink sleeve, replace the batteries with 6 new Alkaline AA batteries, before wrapping in a PVC tape.

Please note that extreme care should be taken when changing Gas Fire batteries and please ensure you replace any protective heat guards. If you are not sure what you are doing, please seek professional advice.

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  1. By Roy Bainbridge Verified Buyer on

    Supposedly a replacement for the Saft 7.2v battery. Would be a good idea if it worked. Absolutely useless a complete waste of money

    • By Callum Budget Batteries on

      Hi Roy,

      What fire are you trying to use this battery in? We have sold hundreds of these batteries as 2LSH20 alternatives and there have only been a few cases in particular models that have experienced problems of any kind. Please give me a call on 0191 496 9982 to get your problem resolved.

      Kind Regards,

      Callum @ Budget Batteries

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