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GP Batteries Greencell PP3 (9V) Battery

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Product Description

PP3 batteries can be tricky to find, expensive, or both. These Greencell PP3 batteries are perfect in low power devices such as Wireless Microphones or Toys, for example an RC Car Remote.

Greencell PP3 batteries are Zinc based, which means they aren’t as powerful as Alkaline batteries, but it also means they cost a lot less. It is for this reason we don’t recommend you use them in your Smoke Alarm, and consider an Alkaline or better yet a Lithium battery for that specific application. For typical applications outside of Smoke Alarms however, it makes them the obvious choice if the device doesn’t use much power.

With a long shelf life these batteries, which are part of the Greencell range, will work in place of standard Alkaline batteries in all applications. They won’t last quite as long, but they are a fraction of the price and well worth the compromise in low power devices.

Main Applications:

  • Wireless Microphones
  • Toys

Note: We do not recommend these batteries for Smoke Alarms, please view our Smoke Alarm Batteries category instead.

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  1. By Susan Verified Buyer on

    We have bought a huge amount of these batteries for our smoke detectors and they last a long time.
    Competitive prices and an excellent service. Thank you!

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