GP Batteries ReCyko+ 2 x AA + 2 x AAA Batteries & FREE Charger

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Product Description

These GP Batteries Charge-n-Save GP ReCyko+ batteries combine the power and benefits of rechargeable batteries with the convenience of conventional ready to use alkaline batteries.

They are ready to use from the pack and when recharged after use, they will keep 90% of their charge on the shelf for 6 months, unlike normal NiMH batteries which will self discharge very quickly.

ReCyko+ are great for all applications, and have a very very low self discharge rate. They can be charged up to 1000 times so offer fantastic value for money as well as being environmentally friendly.

Main Applications:

  • Toys
  • DAB Radios
  • Remote Controls
  • Cordless Phones

Also included is a FREE USB battery charger. The supplied charger is capable of charging 2 AA or 2 AAA size batteries. The charger takes approximately 8 hours to charge empty cells. It features an auto cut off safety feature and comes with LED indicators to display the current charging levels.

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