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Product Description

These GP Batteries Ultra Alkaline AAA batteries are perfect for all of those high drain applications around the house.

With a shelf life of up to 7 years, the Ultra range can deliver up to 10 times more power than Zinc Chloride batteries!

Main Applications:

  • Digital Cameras
  • MP3 Players
  • Toys
  • Game Console Controllers
  • DAB Radios
  • Remote Controls
  • Torches

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  1. By Peter Kenyon Verified Buyer on

    We have been buying these batteries for some years now and find them long lasting and good value. They seem to work well in both high demand items like pepper grinders and low demand like remote controls.

  2. By Brian Matthews Verified Buyer on

    I use these GP Ultra AAA’s in my TENs machine, and they outlast almost all other batteries I have used in the past, and keep the power going consistantly, not dropping off and slowly fading. So in a high drain item these are fantastic, and this is not under lab conditions, but real life, and in the bigger bulk box they are a better deal too.

  3. By Julian Verified Buyer on

    Excellent value and very prompt delivery. Only comment is Budget Batteries website is very low on a Google search page.

  4. By Roger Wood Verified Buyer on

    As with the AA batteries I have been very happy with these batteries; have been purchasing them for several years now. Good quality, delivery and shelf life.

  5. By Robert Verified Buyer on

    Excellent service, prompt delivery and good value across the range.

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