Power-Stations Lithium 5 x CR2032 Coin Cell Batteries

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Product Description

These Power-Stations lithium CR2032 coin cell batteries are perfect for use in a wide range of different electrical equipment.

With a very long shelf life, the Power-Stations CR2032 is ideal to keep around the house as spares. These batteries also offer a superior operating temperature range.

Main Applications:

  • Digital Cameras
  • Watches
  • Remote Controls
  • Calculators
  • Computer CMOS
  • Memory Back-Up

Reviews (5)

  1. By Peter Verified Buyer on

    They seem to do the job. Good price.

  2. By James Verified Buyer on

    Good price, arrived quickly, and worked fine!

  3. By Njay Verified Buyer on

    Great service and great value for money …
    Highly recommended for value and for service .. Thank you.

  4. By Mr Andrew Brian Hickman Verified Buyer on

    What to say, they arrived quickly, fit and worked well

  5. By CvL Verified Buyer on

    Good value for money.
    They do the job

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