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Product Description

Rayovac Acoustic Special pack of 6 size 10 Zinc Air hearing aid batteries.

Rayovac Batteries use the industry-standard colour code which can usually be found on battery tabs and packaging. These particular cells are size 10 so they use the colour Yellow.

These size 10 cells can also be known as ZA10, PR70 or DA10 batteries.

Zinc Air batteries use the air outside the battery as a source of power. The batteries come with a peel-off tab which seals the air holes until the battery is needed. Once this tab is removed, air enters the battery and activates the ingredients inside the battery. After waiting one minute, the battery can be inserted into the hearing aid.

Battery life depends upon the type of hearing aid and how long it is worn for. Once the tab has been removed from the battery it cannot be replaced – it will not extend the battery life so please do not to remove the tab until you are ready to use the battery!

Hearing aid batteries should be stored at room temperature as heat will shorten a battery’s life and refrigeration is not recommended.

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