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Product Description

This is a genuine Saft 2LSH20 lithium gas fire ignition battery pack. Made from 2 x LSH20 cells it is completely insulated in a black heat protective plastic case and has a 120mm lead with a 3 way connector. There are cheaper alternatives on the market but this is the genuine Saft pack. The manufacturing date format is YY/MM (Year/Month).

Fits in the following gas fire brands:

  • Arrow Stoves
  • Baxi
  • Be Modern
  • Beaufort Fires
  • Broseley Fires
  • Brilliant Fires
  • Burley Fires
  • CK Fires
  • Capital Fireplaces
  • Courts Fires
  • Creative Fires
  • Crystal Fires
  • Dimplex Fires
  • Eko Fires
  • FEF
  • Flamerite
  • Flavel
  • The Gallery Collection
  • Gavin Scott design
  • Gazco Fires
  • Kinder Fires
  • Legend Fires
  • Matchless Fire
  • Oasis Fire
  • Percy Doughty
  • Pevex
  • Pureglow
  • Robinson Willey
  • Royal Cozy Fire
  • Smeg Fires
  • Solo Pro
  • Stovax Stoves
  • Tesy
  • Valor
  • Verine
  • Winther Browne
  • Worcester Bosch
  • Yeoman

We test these batteries for the correct voltage on leaving the factory. Each of the cells in this pack are fitted with a safety fuse, so please take great care when inserting the battery. This battery does not carry a warranty and is not subject to our standard returns and refund policies.

Please Note: Inserting the connector the wrong way round will fuse the battery pack, making it unusable.

Word of Warning: All batteries should be treated with care. Do not attempt to swap the battery unless you are confident and competent. If in doubt buy the battery and call an engineer to ft it. Please note that if you should, always replace any heat guards that you may have removed in order to fit the battery. These are there to help protect the battery case from being deformed by the heat.

This type of lithium battery has a 10 year storage life and we have been told that the battery will last anywhere from 6 months to 18 months in gas fire applications. It depends on how often the unit is operated and how often it is left on.

This product has restricted delivery options because of high lithium content. We are required to post via a courier service and can only send this battery to mainland UK addresses.

Reviews (3)

  1. By Verified Buyer on

    Excellent advise and a fantastic price.

    The battery worked without any issues on my Brilliant Gas Fire. What a contrast to Brilliant Fires, who wouldn’t provide any advise unless I committed to purchase the battery from them at twice the price!!!!

  2. By Verified Buyer on

    Excellent will use again a great price

  3. By Verified Buyer on

    Great price great battery would use again.

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