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Product Description

The Tadiran SL750/S is a standard 1/2 AA size lithium battery which is ideal for long term stand-by applications. This product particularly excels in applications where higher pulses are required during its operation.

These Tadiran Batteries are known for their high energy density and high terminal voltage. They have an extremely low self discharge (less than 1% per annum) and a wide operating temperature of between -55ºC to +85ºC. Cases on these batteries are hermetically sealed to ensure protection against leakage.

The SL750/S can be known as these alternative part numbers:

  • TL-5902/S
  • TL-2150/S
  • TL-4902/S
  • Saft LS-14250
  • Saft LS-14250C
  • Maxell ER3S
  • Maxell ER3S-TC
  • Minamoto ER14250
  • Toshiba ER3V
  • Toshiba ER4V
  • Eagle Picher LTC-9C
  • Vitzro SB-AA02
  • Vitzro SB-AA02P
  • EEMB ER1425

Main Applications:

  • Alarms
  • Sensors

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  1. By James Stewart Verified Buyer on

    I now use these in my burglar alarm sensors in place of the Xeno equivalent that are apparently unobtainable in the UK.
    They do the same job and are cheaper.
    They are rated as having a smaller capacity (1100mAh) than the SL/350S (1200mAh) but are recommended by Budget Batteries where a the load is an intermittent pulse (as in PIR detectors). I cannot tell yet whether the slightly lower capacity affects their life.

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