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Save £6.79 when purchasing this bundle vs. purchasing items separately!

Batteries are found in everything around an average home. From TV Remotes to Smoke Alarms or Kids Toys we are always using batteries on a daily basis. Unfortunately due to different power demands, most of these devices will use different size batteries. This is where the Variety Battery Bundle from Budget Batteries comes in!

We know that sometimes sizes other than AAA or AA can be either difficult to find, or cost an arm and a leg at the local newsagents or supermarket. Made up of AAA, AA, C, D & PP3 (9V) size batteries this bundle contains everything your kitchen cupboard needs to keep your home stocked up for the best part of a year. What’s even better is that you are getting them at a fantastic price!

All products in this bundle are selected from the GP Batteries Ultra Range. We find these batteries to consistently offer high quality performance in a wide range of different applications. Additionally they have a shelf life of up to 7 years so use-by dates are just one less thing to worry about.

Bundle Includes:

  • 24 x AAA Batteries
  • 24 x AA Batteries
  • 4 x C Batteries
  • 4 x D Batteries
  • 4 x PP3 (9V) Batteries

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