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Product Description

The GP Batteries Safeguard RF2 (Black) is a cordless outdoor security light which uses motion sensors for a cordless lighting solution to any porch, doorway, garage or garden.

With two modes, automatic detection and permanently on, these lights are powered by 4 x AA batteries (included) and make a wonderful addition to any home in need of lighting up certain areas.

The motion sensor pairs nicely if you have CCTV around your home, as it will provide a clear picture at night of anything passing the light.

It can be expected that a single set of batteries will last up to 200 days, which is based on the assumption of 5 operations a day.

These lights are IP55 grade waterproof which makes them ideal even if the area outside your home isn’t perfectly sheltered from the elements.

Sensing Distance: Up to 12 meters forward, 8 meters sidewards

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