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Product Description

The LED Lenser SEO7R rechargeable Head Torch incorporates a CREE Power LED light chip producing a stunning 220 lumens, with its power supply generated from a Lithium battery pack via a Mains/USB Charger. With Smart Light Technology, the patented Advanced Focus System and directional lighting, it also incorporates LED Lenser’s innovative Optisense Active Light Measurement Technology where light output adjusts automatically to the required level. It also incorporate a handy transport lock to prevent the head lamp accidentally switching on, and feature an anti-allergic, washable, and replaceable headband designed for comfort.

LED Lenser SEO Head Torches are the ideal companion for those that require stylish powerful lighting.

  • Advanced Focus System – Spot to Flood Beam
  • Smart Light Technology – Several Light Programs
  • 1 x Glare-free High End Red LED Light to protect night vision
  • Directional Lighting – Lamp Head swivels within an angle of 90 degrees
  • Washable, replaceable, anti-allergic headband designed for comfort
  • Carabiner
  • Transport Lock – prevents light accidentally switching on
  • Lightweight – ideal for extended duration use
  • Casing glows when in use – see and be seen
  • IPX6 – superior dust and water protection
  • 1 x High End Power White LED Light
  • Rechargeable Head Lamp (Mains / USB Charger Included)
  • Constant Current Mode, Energy Saving Mode
  • OptiSense Active Light Measurement Technology – light output adjusts automatically


  • Lumens: 20 (Low), 220 (High)
  • Beam Distance: 40 Metres (Low), 130 Metres (High)
  • Battery Life: 20 Hours (Low), 5 Hours (High)

We advise customers not to leave batteries in their LED Lenser products, unless they are in constant use. This is because corrosion and leakage can happen at any time and under any conditions. Using higher quality batteries can also help minimise this risk.

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