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Product Description

The EnerSys Cyclon 0809-0012 is a pure Lead-Tin rechargeable Monobloc pack made using 3 x Cyclon X cells. Because of the sealed design, a Cyclon Monobloc can be oriented in any position for ease of installation.

The purity of the materials used is the key to supporting the Cyclon batteries performance benefits which include a longer service life, combined with higher reliability and fewer system failures, which results in an excellent cost-usage ratio.

Cyclon Monoblocs will deliver up to 300 cycles (100% DOD, C/5), experience no “dry out”, have a high stable voltage delivery and flat discharge voltage similar to that of NiCd cells.

Cyclon cells emit minimal to no gassing under normal charging conditions and are safe for installation in offices, aircraft cabins, hospitals or any other environment.

Their rugged construction and strong external packaging mean Cyclon cells can withstand extreme temperatures and harsh usage. For more information download the Cyclon Application Manual.

Main Applications:

  • Computer Back-Up
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Medical Equipment
  • Extreme Temperature Environments (-65ºC to +80ºC)

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  1. By Terence Gilfillan Verified Buyer on

    Great. Couldn’t better!

  2. By morton90 Verified Buyer on

    Bought 2 of these for a classic bike on 12 volt. One of the precious units had failed. Dont know how long it had done but will see how replaement performed.

  3. By rowan Verified Buyer on

    I ordered these batteries for my 60-year-old British motor bike, which I am restoring. Buying two 6v batteries has the benefit that I can start off using a 6V system, and later convert to a 12v system without buying new batteries. Further benefits are that they can be used in any orientation, and that I believe that they will fit into a case made out of the old battery, and going into the original location on the bike, so no-one looking from outside will know the difference. I have not actually connected up the batteries yet, so I can’t say how well they actually work, but I am confident that they will do what they say. They arrived promptly after my order, and were well packed.

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