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Battery Cross References

With so many different product codes being associated to the same size of battery, we thought it would be handy to provide some battery cross reference tables. These should help you to identify the correct battery you need no matter what manufacturer your old battery was.

These cross reference tables should identify most if not all of the common battery sizes you will find on our website. If you can’t find a code that’s on your battery and need help identifying it please contact¬†us.

Common Alkaline Sizes

GenericIECGP BatteriesDuracellVartaOther
AAALR03GP24AID24004003AM4, E92, K3A, LR3, V2400PX & 824
AALR06GP15AID15004006AM3, E91, HP7, KAA, LR6, UM3, V1500PX & 815
CLR14GP14AID14004014AM2, Baby, E93, HP11, KC, R14, U11, UM2 & 814
DLR20GP13AID13004020AM1, E95, KD, Mono & 813
PP36LR61GP1604AID16044022A1604, E-Block, K9V, 216, 522 & 6AM6
NLR1GP910AMN91004001AM5, E90, K90 & 810

Button Cells

IECGP BatteriesDuracellPanasonicEnergizerVARTAOther
LR44GPA76LR44LR44LR44V13GAA13, AG13, G13, KA76, L1154, RW82, SB-F9, 1166A & 280-904
LR43GP186LR43LR43186V12GAAG12, KA43, L1142 & RW84
LR54GP189LR54LR1130189V10GAA10, AG10, KA54, L1131, LR133, RW89 & 1168A
LR55GP191D191ALR55LR1220V8GAAG8 & L1121
LR41GP192LR41LR41V3GAG3A, L736 & RW87

Camera Batteries

GP BatteriesDuracellKodakPanasonicSanyoEnergizerVARTA

Hearing Aid Batteries

IECGP BatteriesDuracellPanasonicRayovacUcarVARTA

Watch Batteries

Dimensions (mm)IECGP BatteriesDuracellPanasonicEnergizerVartaRenataRayovacSony
5.8 x 1.7SR62GP317D317SR516317V317317RW326SR516SW
5.8 x 2.2SR63GP379D379SR521379V379379RW327SR521SW
6.8 x 1.7SR65GP321D321SR1616321V321321RW321SR1616SW
6.8 x 2.1SR60GP364D364SR621364V364364RW320SR621SW
6.8 x 2.6SR66GP377D377SR626377V377377RW329SR626SW
6.8 x 2.6GP376D376376V376376SR626W
7.9 x 2.1SR58GP362D362SR721362V362362RW310SR721SW
7.9 x 2.1GP361D361361V361361RW410SR721W
7.9 x 2.6SR59GP397D397SR726397V397397RW311SR726SW
7.9 x 3.6SR41GP384D384SR41384V384384RW37SR41SW
7.9 x 3.6GP392D392392V392392RW47SR41W
9.5 x 2.1SR69GP371D371SR920371V371371RW315SR920SW
9.5 x 2.1SR69GP370D370SR920W370V370370RW415SR920W
9.5 x 2.6SR57GP395D395SR927395V395395RW313SR927SW
9.5 x 2.6GP399D399399V399399RW413SR927W
9.5 x 3.6SR45GP394D394SR936394V394394RW33SR936SW
11.1 x 2.6GP381D381381V381381RW30SR1120W
11.6 x 2.1SR55GP391D391SR1120391V391391RW40SR1120SW
11.6 x 3.1SR54GP390D390SR1130390V390390RW39SR1130SW
11.6 x 3.1SR54GP389D389389V389389RW49SR1130W
11.6 x 4.2SR43GP301D301SR43301V301301RW34SR43SW
11.6 x 4.2SR43GP386D386386V386386RW44SR43W
11.6 x 5.4SR44GP357D357357EPX76V76PX357RW42SR44